How Amgen Used Simulations and Chatbots to Drive Behavior Change

  • Steve Boller, Bottom-Line Performance, Inc.,
  • Lloyd Hilton, Amgen,
  • Andrew Dornon, BTS

Need your learners to adopt a new process, or simply to start doing something they already should be doing? Mindset, motivation, and ease-of-use are all critical. Your reps or managers must understand the ‘why’ behind what you are asking them to do… and they need simple tools that make doing so as easy as possible.

In this session, you’ll see how Amgen used a blended learning curriculum to help sales leaders and managers follow standardized hiring practices and adopt a behavioral interviewing process that reduces unconscious bias, leads to better hiring decisions, and saves time. The presenters will detail how a video simulation-based learning approach was used to shift attitudes and beliefs before, during, and after the live training event. You’ll also learn how a custom-built chatbot was used during and after the live event to generate excitement, solidify buy-in, and provide ongoing performance support.

  • Date:Wednesday, June 5
  • Time:8:30 AM - 9:30 AM
  • Room:Grapevine A
  • Location:Grapevine A
  • Session Type:Case Study
  • Submitter Name: Boller, Steven
  • Submission Date (CST): 07/01/2019 15:15
  • Session Level: Beginner
  • Submitter Email:
  • Session Length: 60 Minute Workshop
  • How are you planning on keeping the learners engaged during this presentation?: The session will include a brief demonstration both of the live simulation techniques and chatbot techniques Amgen used.
  • Learning Objective 1: Explain how a blended approach to learning helps shift attitudes and beliefs as part of a behavior change initiative
  • Learning Objective 2: Identify the best practices for employing a live simulation as part of a training event.
  • Learning Objective 3: Discover ways a chatbot can be used to reinforce key learning objectives and provide ongoing performance support
  • What is the topic your workshop will cover and how is it relevant to the industry?: This workshop demonstrates how a live simulation can be used to motivate learners to change their behavior and how chatbots can increase pull-through.
Steve Boller
Bottom-Line Performance, Inc.
Lloyd Hilton
Andrew Dornon