Simple Learning Solutions

  • Andrea Acosta, simpleshow USA,
  • Patty Jurgensen, Janssen,
  • Sean Grant, NXLevel Solutions

Simplify to Maximize! During this session, you will learn about the power of simplification through learning solutions implemented by Janssen Biotech, simpleshow and NXLevel Solutions. Then, put what you learn into action with a hands-on activity. You’ll walk away with the skills to utilize the 5 Rules of Simple Explanation to improve your everyday communication.

  • Date:Wednesday, June 5
  • Time:4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Room:Grapevine A
  • Location:Grapevine A
  • Session Type:Case Study
  • Submitter Name: Eisenhart, Maria
  • Submission Date (CST): 08/01/2019 16:08
  • Session Level: Beginner
  • Submitter Email:
  • Session Length: 60 Minute Workshop
  • How are you planning on keeping the learners engaged during this presentation?: Learners will participate in an interactive activity in which they will implement the 5 Rules of Simple Explanation to practice what they've learned.
  • Learning Objective 1: Transform training and communication by applying the 5 Rules of Simple Explanation.
  • Learning Objective 2: Adapt keys messages to target audiences.
  • Learning Objective 3: Explain the benefits of collaborating with instructional designers/ subject matter experts and simplification experts.
  • What is the topic your workshop will cover and how is it relevant to the industry?: Will demonstrate the benefits of utilizing the 5 Rules of Simple Explanation to tailor highly clinical training content to a specific target audience.
Andrea Acosta
simpleshow USA
Patty Jurgensen
Sean Grant
NXLevel Solutions