(PIP) 3 Things to Improve Fluency In the Field: How to Practice with Purpose!

  • Jon Curtis , Curtis Learning,
  • Cathy Smith, Curtis Learning,
  • Elissa Hoehn, Curtis Learning

You know the value and necessity of practice. The challenge is limited face-to-face training time with your medical and commercial field teams. How can you support fluency practice without taking time out of the field? This interactive learning lab is designed to share ideas and feedback on 3 creative ways to leverage peers, managers and technology to enable meaningful practice while your teams are in the field.

  • Date:Tuesday, June 4
  • Time:11:15 AM - 11:35 AM
  • Room:Learning Lab 2 - Longhorn D
  • Location:Learning Lab 2 - Longhorn D
  • Session Type:Learning Labs
  • Submitter Name: Smith, Catherine
  • Submission Date (CST): 09/01/2019 12:14
  • Session Level: Intermediate
  • Submitter Email: cathysmith@curtislearning.com
  • Session Length: 20 Minute Micro-Learning
  • How are you planning on keeping the learners engaged during this presentation?: We will use a series of interactive prompts, facilitated discussion, and visual scribing to involve and engage our audience throughout the session.
  • Learning Objective 1: Share the challenges and success stories of engaging field team members in fluency/verbalization practice without taking them out of the field
  • Learning Objective 2: Share challenges and success stories of preparing managers to deliver consistent coaching that drives to key behaviors
  • Learning Objective 3: Learn 3 ways to support and sustain fluency in the field
  • What is the topic your workshop will cover and how is it relevant to the industry?: Our Learning Lab will cover ways to leverage peers, prepare managers, and use technology to ensure effective fluency practice in the field.
Jon Curtis
Curtis Learning
Cathy Smith
Curtis Learning
Elissa Hoehn
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