Congrats on Your New Training Job...Now What?!?

  • Melissa Lowe, Philips - Healthcare Informatics

Accepted or promoted into a new Sales Training or Field Sales Training role? Congratulations! Has the fear of what to do next and what to plan for set in? What is your "Now What?" Let's review, discuss and formulate a plan on where & how to start, what to do, when, how, engage and commit key stakeholders, get more done and with impact to your business and career. Don't get overwhelmed with the all the asks and "to do" lists. A clear "what" and where to start can help set the right path.

  • Date:Tuesday, June 4
  • Time:4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Room:Austin 3
  • Location:Austin 3
  • Session Type:Interactive Discussion
  • Submitter Name: Lowe, Melissa
  • Submission Date (CST): 09/01/2019 15:33
  • Session Level: Beginner
  • Submitter Email:
  • Session Length: 60 Minute Workshop
  • How are you planning on keeping the learners engaged during this presentation?: The workshop will be an interactive discussion w/real world examples + scenarios to work from. Groups will craft their action plans before session end
  • Learning Objective 1: Review & discuss how to prioritize where to start, why, with whom and how to get key stakeholders involved quickly.
  • Learning Objective 2: Outline your action plan on where to start.
  • Learning Objective 3: Discuss & identify prioritization pitfalls and what to do when "bumps in the road" occur.
  • What is the topic your workshop will cover and how is it relevant to the industry?: Makes sense and outline a next steps plan for a new Sales Trainer or Field Sales Trainer is critical. Most get overwhelmed, derailed or have no plan
Melissa Lowe
Philips - Healthcare Informatics