Immerse Yourself: Clinical Learning Zones

  • Terah Benjamin, Takeda

Clinical immersion rotations in a live setting that provides deep dives in MOA, science of MABs, KOL roundtable discussions with case studies, patient journey performances, hands on practical stations, and HCP consult sessions with sales.

  • Date:Tuesday, June 4
  • Time:4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • Room:Grapevine 2-3
  • Location:Grapevine 2-3
  • Session Type:Case Study
  • Submitter Name: Burke, Dawn
  • Submission Date (CST): 09/01/2019 19:19
  • Session Level: Intermediate
  • Submitter Email:
  • Session Length: 60 Minute Workshop
  • How are you planning on keeping the learners engaged during this presentation?: Provide a mini simulation of the session and solicit other best practices related to each rotation to share with the broader group
  • Learning Objective 1: ZONE 1: KOL CAFÉ & CLINICAL PERSPECTIVES: Describe treatment landscape of disease. Describe clinical treatments based on differential diagnosis
  • Learning Objective 2: ZONE 2: Patient Journey. Actors play patients with HAE & physicians in a series of realistic scenes• Debrief discussion at the tables
  • Learning Objective 3: ZONE 3-4: Deep Dive with KOLs & Science of new MOA. Determine how HCPs diagnose and treat through case studies and round table discussions
  • What is the topic your workshop will cover and how is it relevant to the industry?: How to create highly interactive, immersive clinical learning experiences at a live session that provides clinical depth, experiences with KOLs
Terah Benjamin