Performance Eating Rabbits - What B.O.L.D. See and Do

The current landscape of our professional and personal lives is full of new and exciting challenges to navigate. Whether we are professional in the fields of learning, organizational development, performance improvement or simply someone giving selflessly to one of the many great causes in the world, we are driven to align our skills, passions and values to the mission of the organization.

We are also in the midst of significant challenges: a generational changing of the guard with respect to workforce societal leadership; the evolution of technology at a more rapid rate than ever before; and increased scrutiny resulting from questionable practices within several industries.

Thus, we are tasked with ensuring each of us (and our teams) are ready to meet the challenges of today, while keeping pace with the change and remaining competitive in the global economy. The increasing relevance and interest in this topic centers on the need to evolve the tools and processes of our craft, which is imperative to meet the increasing business and societal demands of speed, innovation and agility to drive transformation results.

  • Date:Tuesday, June 4
  • Time:10:15 AM - 11:45 AM
  • Room:Ft. Worth 5
  • Location:Ft. Worth 5
  • Session Type:Interactive Discussion
  • Session Level: Intermediate
  • Session Length: 90 Minute Workshop
Kery Mortenson
Tim Gillum
Baxter Healthcare