Breakfast and Speed Coaching

Breakfast and Speed Coaching in Learning Village Exhibit Hall

Speed Coaching - Sign-Up for 15-Minute Personal Career Advice from Senior-Level Training Leaders

How It Works:

Reserve your spot for the Speed Coaching Experience here and select which morning you’d like to participate. Meetings are personal, confidential and last 15 minutes.

The week before the event, we’ll direct you to the Coaching Schedule posted online and we’ll also have the full schedule posted at the event. You’ll also receive a speed coaching guide before the event.

At the event, you’ll have a maximum of three 15-minute sessions on Wednesday or maximum of two 15-minute sessions on Thursday, depending on the number of coaches/mentees. Be prepared to give a brief introduction/career overview and come prepared with a current career-related question or scenario for the coaching discussion.

Space is limited and assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. RSVP early.

When & Where?

Wednesday, June 5 from 7:30 – 8:20 AM in the Learning Village Exhibit Hall

Thursday, June 6 from 9:30 – 10:05 AM in the Grapevine Ballroom

Who Can Participate? This is open to all LTEN conference attendees who are director-level or below. Sign-up here.

Still Have Questions? On the RSVP form, there’s area to request more information. Please be sure to use the RSVP form to indicate your interest.

  • Date:Wednesday, June 5
  • Time:7:30 AM - 8:20 AM
  • Room:Learning Village Exhibit Hall - Longhorn D
  • Location:Longhorn D
  • Session Type:Interactive Discussion