Even if Half of Your Managers are GREAT COACHES - Do You Know Which Half?

  • Simon Mormen, Atomus,
  • Edward McCarthy, Echelon Performance

Every sales team has great managers. Just look at the rankings. But wouldn’t it be great if you could see what made these top performers so good?

You can. Join Atomus - In partnership with Echelon Performance - for an overview of the traits that separate your President’s Club award-winning DMs from the rest. In addition, we’ll show you how to tap into one of your sales team’s most valuable resources - your FCR database - to gain deeper insight, best practices and ideas to help socialize these winning behaviors.

  • Date:Wednesday, June 5
  • Time:1:30 PM - 1:50 PM
  • Room:Learning Lab 2 - Longhorn D
  • Location:Learning Lab 2 - Longhorn D
  • Session Type:Learning Labs
  • Session Length: 20 Minute Micro-Learning
  • Learning Objective 1: Hear why you should be measuring Coaching QUANTITY as well as QUALITY
  • Learning Objective 2: Learn a technique for extracting comparable QUALITY KPI's from your FCR reports
  • Learning Objective 3: Find out how Organizations like yours are already gaining competitive advantage by mining Coaching Quality Data
Simon Mormen
Edward McCarthy
Echelon Performance