Jennifer Bryan

Head of Commercial Training & Development

Teva Pharmaceuticals

Jennifer Bryan has more than 18 years of experience working in healthcare training and sales, including as a national sales trainer, a senior manager of sales training and development, an associate director of strategy operations and learning technology, and a director for therapeutic leadership, all for Teva Pharmaceuticals. In her current position as Teva’s Sr. Director, Commercial Training & Development, her expertise in designing, developing, and managing strategy programs and processes drives a learning culture that delivers business results.

Responsible for ensuring the effective implementation and delivery of training solutions, Jennifer collaborates with all stakeholders to define performance outcomes and facilitate change at all levels to meet the company’s vision, values, and targets.

Jennifer’s areas of expertise include:

• Strategy planning & execution

• Project management

• Process improvements

• Instructional design & development

• Structured learning environments

• Onboarding of new hires

• Training technologies & systems

• Curriculum design

• Marketing & sales strategies

• Change management

• Cross-functional collaboration

• Program management

Awarded the LTEN Practitioner Award for Innovation in 2017, Jennifer has extensively researched emerging trends for implementing new technology solutions for digital learning and onboarding. She used her findings to create and roll out an interactive new hire training experience, which incorporates a redesigned field trainer program, across the entire organization as well as to successfully implement consistency across Teva’s training programs in the U.S. and Canada .