Wendy Eicholzer


Whole Systems

Ms. Eicholzer is responsible for the overall instructional design and development of multimedia learning systems at Whole Systems — including needs analysis, proposals, and instructional design specifications. She has designed, written, and managed the development of a wide range of innovative pharmaceutical sales training programs, including self-study text, workshops, virtual Web-based programs, eLearning modules, virtual preceptorships, sales call simulations, and interactive patient cases. She has also contributed to the ongoing management, design, and development of Whole Systems’ proprietary products, including a selling skills curriculum and medical education series.

Ms. Eicholzer came to Whole Systems after working in the Educational Media Support Center at the Boston University Medical School, where she designed, wrote, and produced medical education programs. She has a Bachelor of Science degree (magna cum laude) in Psychology from Georgetown University and a master’s degree in Educational Media and Technology from Boston University.