Denise Lusnia

Director, Market & Patient Access Learning & Development

Otsuka America Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Few people can call themselves managed market experts, but that is exactly how to describe Denise A. Lusnia. Ms. Lusnia has many years of pharmaceutical expertise, specializing in market access. Her extensive understanding of healthcare and payment reform, combined with her unique background in sales training, has made her specially qualified to train pharmaceutical and medical stakeholders about access and reimbursement.

As Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Associate Director of Market Access Sales Training, Lusnia develops curriculum that focuses on market expertise, business acumen, product and disease state knowledge, and other job performance-related skills and knowledge. Regardless of whether she is training about payors, health systems, advocacy, pharmacy, or payment reform, she always transforms relevant information into effective, usable strategies for success!

Lusnia holds a BS from Montclair State University, where her passion for education and human physiology blossomed into a career as a medical representative, then into a benefits specialist who quickly rose into management and training. Her competitive sports background, together with her role as an educator and interest in market access, led her to an award-winning career in the pharmaceutical industry where, today, she is a leader in managed market sales, learning, and development.

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