Dustin Talbot

Sr. Performance Consultant

Matrix Achievement Group, LLC

Dustin Talbot, Sr. Performance Consultant for Matrix Achievement Group, LLC, has an extensive background in sales and sales training, as well as, curriculum design. Dustin is a 2000 graduate of Ball State University and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sales & Marketing.

Dustin’s professional career began in the pharmaceutical industry as a primary care and specialty Sales Representative and has expanded into the medical device and capital equipment industry in both orthopedics and cardiac rhythm management. He has served in multiple roles including Sales Representative, Sales Training Manager (U.S. & Global), Sales Director and Director of Sales Training.

Dustin is extremely passionate about sales and sales skills development. He has seen first-hand the complexities surrounding today’s selling environment and the challenges that companies face in meeting the ever-changing demands that are placed on sales teams and sales management. He understands the obstacles that are continuously placed on sales representatives from both the external customer and the internal mindset of the sales representative.

His approach to strategic development is simple. Outline a process that provides guidance and structure to the sales process; identify the skills that are needed to drive results and implement. To be successful in today’s selling environment, every opportunity demands strategic execution and commitment to preparation. Selling is a craft and a language that requires continual practice, strategic vision, and customer implementation.

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