Jill Donahue



Jill Donahue believes there is an important role for pharma professionals in the pit crew surrounding the patient. She believes that patient centricity and profitability are not incompatible but rather inseparable.

She also believes that to fulfil that new role, we need training to prepare our people to function as members of that pit crew. By authoring 2 books and popular mobile programs and speaking to pharma and HCP audiences, she’s passionately helping lift pharma; helping us gain back our seat at the healthcare table.

Jill helps pharma professionals learn how to become trusted, valued partners to healthcare providers. She empowers us with a new way of thinking and a system of what to say and do.

She’ll know she’s succeeded when pharma people feel proud that what they do matters and confident that they can make a difference for themselves, their companies, hcps and most importantly… patients.

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